Nil Müge Felekten
Born in Istanbul, Turkey.
Living in Spain.

Looking at my childhood photos, anyone can see that I had a thing for drawing: With a notebook and pen in the hand. I decided to go for it and studied Graphic Design at Anadolu University, Eskişehir. It helped me a lot to discover what I want to create and how I will do it.

After my graduation, I had the chance to work as a designer for companies in different fields: Mobile applications, publishing houses, universities, and advertising agencies. As I learned new things and built experience, I started freelancing and worked as a freelancer for 3 years.

After I moved to Greece, I continued to work as a freelancer for some more months. One of my clients was Social Hackers Academy, where I supported their visual re-branding process.
After our project-based collaboration, I started working as a Visual Designer at Social Hackers Academy on January 2021. I supported the team with all design needs as well as video editing. 
 I had the chance to be promoted to Marketing Manager and support the leadership team at an organizational level. While managing the marketing team I also improved my digital marketing skills such as social media advertising, email marketing, campaign management, website designs, webinar management, online admission, and many other fields.
2017 - Studying MA degree in Graphic Design at Anadolu University, Turkey.
2012 - BA degree in Graphic Design at Anadolu University, Turkey.
2011 - Erasmus Exchange Student at Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain.
Social Hackers Academy / Visual Designer and Marketing Manager/ Athens, Greece
Social Hackers Academy / Graphic Designer / Athens, Greece (Erasmus)
24th Adana International Film Festival / Graphic Designer / İstanbul, Turkey
Manual Advertising Agency / Art Director / İstanbul, Turkey
İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University / Research Assistant / İstanbul, Turkey
Kolektif Kitap Publishing House / Graphic Designer / İstanbul, Turkey
Invio Software Development Company / Graphic Designer / İstanbul, Turkey

Happy Foreigners World / Graphic Design Intern / Valencia, Spain (Erasmus)
UltraRPM Advertising Agency / Graphic Design Intern / İstanbul, Turkey
Please view my LinkedIn profile for detailed and up-to-date information.

Christoforos Tomas Brush Lettering Workshop / 10th International Calligraphy and Typography Event / Anadolu University / Eskişehir
Dima Tkachev Lettering Workshop / 9th International Calligraphy and Typography Event / Anadolu University / Eskişehir
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