Course and Career Day posters to bring applicants to attend.

After our project-based collaboration, I started working as a Visual Designer at Social Hackers Academy on January 2021. I supported the team with all design needs as well as video editing. 

 I had the chance to be promoted to Marketing Manager and support the leadership team at an organizational level. While managing the marketing team I also improved my digital marketing skills such as social media advertising, email marketing, campaign management, website designs, webinar management, online admission, and many other fields.
I present some of the graphic design work I created to improve the branding of the organization. 

Various social media designs I created, and supported the team to target our audience's needs.

Full-Stack Web Development Career Track course page, which is the most popular product of the organization.

A series of infographics introducing the admission process steps to the applicants in a simple way.

Annual Report cover design I create every year that summarizes the yearly activities of the organization.

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